Project Description

HT was born in 1983. During its first years the company has been mainly focusing on selecting and marketing test equipment, clamp-on meters and DMMs.

In 1992 the turning point consisted in letting down distribution as HT aimed at taking the most important challenge: designing and building its own instruments as a result of experiences and ideas gained over the years. The first model MASTER HT2031 was created. At that time no competitor could offer a product performing safety testing on installations and simultaneously printing a professional report thanks to the built-in printer.

The success of this new equipment was the necessary fuel to run a team of engineers responsible for research and development of HT instruments.

In the mid of the 90s HT R&D was founded inside the company with the aim of creating a unique and technologically advanced design for HT products.

This choice represented a landmark for the company engaged into considerable capital investments to implement its own skilled staff while strengthening its sales network all over the world.